DSCF7560-2.JPGTriangle Bikeworks (TBW) is a nonprofit (501c3) youth leadership program. All donations are tax deductible. The programs are designed to inspire high potential youth from environments and homes with few resources to pursue personal success.

We prepare them for leadership roles in their community while motivating them to be role models for others.

We do this by engaging students from under-resourced homes in three to four years of intense leadership experiences including year round development programs, year round cycling activities, community service projects locally, regionally, and nationally, and preparation for continuing education and career development.  One of the culminating events is the cross country summer tour which solidifies the teaching moments of the current program season.

Our mission is to create a challenge for our youth cyclists to think outside of traditional methods of excelling while finding ways to contribute to their community in positive ways. This gives the youth cyclists an opportunity to experience the natural world from the seat of a bike and to develop an appreciation of our open spaces.