They Need Ambassadors

You’ve given financially.

And frankly, we’d love it if you had the ability to give more. So, please do. But what if the next way you gave was simply telling your friends why you give to Triangle Bikeworks. You could speak about the transformations your contributions allow the youth to make or about your belief in their future.

Be their standard-bearer and raise funds for this team of youth.

Unsure exactly what to say? Let us know and we’ll help fill in the blanks.

Everyone starts somewhere

Here’s something you need to know. You are directly responsible for Itza Salazar Martinez being hired. Itza is one of the original members of the Spoke’n Revolutions Youth Cycling team. She finished high school, graduated college, and is now back using her talents and skills to afford opportunities to more youth like her.

I think your friends would agree. Creating opportunities for youth is an important cause worth giving toward. In that way, you’ll actually increase your giving two-fold, maybe even three!​​

Help us by sharing our news. One of the easiest ways for you to make a difference for a youth today.

Itza in the Badlands