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What is Spoke'n Revolutions?

Spoke’n Revolutions is a youth bike touring program

A Spoke’n Revolutions tour can be either a cross-country or cross-state bike ride that’s built around historic people, places and events.

Rides focus on culture, the environment and the healthy living practices realized through biking and fellowship with various encountered communities.

In schools it’s difficult to cover history and environment and stay within the confines of “teach to the test“. We offer time to learn the stories of success and sometimes failure of those who struggled to realize the ideals of America.

It’s in the learning of these stories that we see ourselves. We’ll be inspired by those who dared to seek freedom while making a way for themselves, their family and community. These are lessons we can apply to our own lives. When life gets hard for us we can reach back in time for inspiration.

That way we can cycle through the past as we ride toward our future.

Previous Tours

  • Underground Railroad
  • Lewis & Clark/Buffalo Soldiers
  • Blues & Jazz History
  • King 2 King
  • Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor
  • Trail of Tears

Transformative Stories

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When You Give You Change Lives

One Revolution At A Time

Spoke’n Revolutions youth travel to historic spaces under their own power. They’re immersing themselves in one of the best ways to obtain knowledge: experiential learning.