East Durham

Cycling Center

Triangle Bikeworks adds a significant expansion of our youth cycling programming in the Triangle area. We are introducing the East Durham Cycling Center (EDCC), which will be a vital community hub in the heart of East Durham.

Center Hours

Sunday - by appointment only

Tuesdays - 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Learn. Fix. Ride.

At the cycling center we'll combine bike repair, cycling education, and safe cycling classes for the whole community.

Located in the heart of East Durham, the EDCC is accessible to the community.

Here is What We Offer!

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After School Activity

We want to engage the community in fun, healthy activities by offering bike repair, safety classes, and group rides, encouraging social interaction and to build riding confidence.

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Flight School

An after-school bike safety program focusing on educating young cyclists about essential safety practices. You'll learn about helmet usage, traffic rules, hand signals, and how to navigate intersections safely, promoting a culture of responsible biking.

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Community Focused

Our goal? To work with families in the community to build a biking center that serves their needs.

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Community Rides

Let's Ride! is a vibrant community cycling initiative that brings together riders of all ages and skill levels. Participants enjoy group rides, explore scenic routes, and foster a sense of camaraderie while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Our Dedicated Cycling Center Staff


Stefanee Richardson Mtccnc
Stefanee Richardson

Program Director

Avid cyclist and co-founder of Major Taylor Cycling Club of NC

Ashley Scott

Program Manager

Educator, cycling enthusiast and community organizer



Adored cycling mechanic

Activities For the Whole Community

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Young girl focused on removing tire from rim to change tube while young boy observes
youth cyclist David looking into camera with a smile

Healthy Biking Activities

Triangle Bikeworks is committed to making cycling accessible and transformative for all youth in the Triangle area. The EDCC represents a critical step towards achieving this vision.

Young Mexican girl on mountain bike smiling and looking into the camera
youth cyclists stopped at side of road resting

Are you interested in learning more about the East Durham Cycling Center? Click the image below to sign up for information.

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