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Partner With Us

As a partner you'll help strengthen confidence, encourage discovery, and inspire the next generation of Leaders 


Your investment in youth empowers them with transformational experiences and create lasting life skills that impact their future.


The Question Formulation Technique has been developed through years of testing, practice, and refinement.

Learning how to ask questions leads to improved learning outcomes, greater student engagement, and ownership of the learning process.


Align with meaningful engagement opportunities for employees and communicate a commitment to empowering the next generation of clear and deep thinkers.

What Makes This A Unique Investment?

01. We Focus on History

The present is a reflection of the past. Learning how you got here is just as important as where you're going.

06. Not the Routine

We introduce youth to a variety of cycling styles. From cross country bike touring, to cyclo-cross, to mountain biking, to just plain old cruising.

05. Culture of Support

While youth are having these transformational experiences and create long lasting life skills, you'll be supporting youth the whole way.

02. We Focus on the Environment

It's more than a river, it's more than a lake. Youth learn where the water flows, who it flows to, and why that's important. Youth discover ways to support the effort for a cleaner environment.

03. Youth Design Their Learning

Learning how to ask questions leads to improved learning outcomes, greater classroom engagement, and more ownership of the learning process. With QFT in their toolkit youth will be unstoppable in their education.

04. No Fees

We supply the bike, the gear, the transportation. It's up to you to supply the drive and determination.


With Gratitude

To the many individual donors, government agencies, foundations and nonprofit community partners who support our youth through their grant investments in the Spoke'n Revolutions program, we are grateful. 

United Way of the Greater Triangle
Strowd Roses
New Belgium Brewing

Durham Bike CoOp

Logistic Partners

Logo-Clean Machine


Our community is our life-blood. Your donations allow for the expansion of programs, bike repairs, and the purchasing of equipment.

In Kind

Bike accessories and parts, NEW and used, will be put to use by the youth of Triangle Bikeworks.

As a corporation in the bike industry there are multiple ways you can help by gifting equipment. Individual cyclists will find it gratifying knowing that parts in your garage find new life on the road.

Contact us to make an In-Kind donation.

Send an email to itza at trianglebikeworks.org


We operate on foundational, corporate, and organization grants. We don't know them all. If your organization funds youth development we'd like to know about it.

You'll be instrumental in helping a youth complete their goals.

Contact us to notify us of grant opportunities.

Send an email to itza at trianglebikeworks.org


Corporations can sponsor a youth cyclist or a cycling team. If your organization is interested in funding youth programs centered on health, education, and the environment contact us.

Your sponsorship will be instrumental in completing our mission.

Contact us to offer a sponsorship.

Send an email to itza at trianglebikeworks.org