It Takes A Village

Working for the positive development of youth is our guiding mission. You and We are that Village.

Join Our Parent Advisory Committee

The Parent Advisory Committee is a place for parents to get to know each another. You can also help guide Triangle Bikeworks as we work to provide a better experience for your child. 

Dream Staff

Kevin Hicks

Founder & Executive Director

He knows that one small nonprofit program in North Carolina may only affect a few dozen or so youth every year. But Hicks likes the starfish parable, in which a beach goer is throwing stranded starfish back into the sea and another person points out how one person can’t possibly save all the starfish. “But it makes a difference to the ones I threw back,” the beach goer responds.


What is our vision for the long ride?

The analogy of the long ride is intentional. Before leaving for a long ride, there must be a destination and a plan when you get there. At Triangle Bikeworks we know exactly where we're going and what we'll do when we get there.

When there is no more work to do, youth will have the opportunity to develop physically, socially, and academically to their full potential, regardless of their background, resources, and opportunity.

"I was able to see what most people wouldn’t see. I was able to learn what people wouldn’t learn because it’s a hidden treasure that school tries to cover up." ~ SpokenRev Youth

Lisa Nelson

Board Chair

Retired Surgeon

Chris Bagley


Litigation Attorney

Law Offices of James Scott Farrin


Jay Parker

Board Member

Partner, Broker Weaver Street Realty

Sapna Varkey

Board Secretary

Assistant Professor of Nonprofit and Public Management at University of Missouri-Saint Louis

Dawn McClendon

Board Member

The staff and Board stand by the vision that given the opportunity anyone can succeed.