About Us


To strengthen the power of youth who are Black, Latine, Asian, Indigenous, and People Of Color to overcome challenges, achieve audacious goals, and discover their true selves.


Long story, short, we began with the idea to work directly with youth of color after barely moving the needle on equitable outcomes for them in my local school district. I wasn’t trying to be superhero. Far from it.

My own children alerted me to something that once investigated, was blatantly obvious. There was, and still is, inequity in the educational outcomes for African American and Latino youth.

With that in mind we set out to do something for them on our own.

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Not All Youth Development Orgs Are Created Equal

Bike activities can be physically and mentally demanding while being fun at the same time. Making the experiences stand out and stay with youth for life.

We’re a nonprofit focused on youth leadership. Our flagship program is named Spoke’n Revolutions Youth Development. Spoke’n Revolutions provides adventures that promote teamwork, strengthens communication, deepens interpersonal responsibility and compassion, and heightens sensitivity to the natural environment.

Our mountain biking program, TYMBR Wolves, offer youth both competitive and adventure based opportunities to bike.

Our bike related programs provide youth with a world of opportunity for self-discovery and confidence building the give teens a space to connect with their peers while being given leadership and mentoring opportunities.

Our goal is to challenge youth to be in control of their destinies by obtaining and using critical thinking skills, resting on the confidence of self, gathered through the completion of a long distance tour centered on hidden history and environmental stewardship.

Student Stories

“It was very exciting to be a part of SnR last year.”


“In the past year too much has happened for me to explain it all. It was very exciting to be a part of SnR last year. The trip to Louisiana and back was the longest and farthest i had gone on a bike.

I found the heat a great challenge that I was able to overcome. The museums we went to were awesome too, though I think my favorite was the Stax Museum. It really brought out the musician in me and encouraged me to pursue music…

What Makes Us Unique?

01. We Focus on History

The present is a reflection of the past. Learning how you got here is just as important as where you’re going.

06. Not the Routine

We introduce youth to a variety of cycling styles. From cross country bike touring, to cyclocross, to mountain biking, to just plain old cruising.

05. A Culture of Support

While you’re having these transformational experiences and create long lasting life skills, we’ll be supporting you all the way.

02. We Focus on the Environment

It’s more than a river, it’s more than a lake. Youth learn where the water flows, who it flows to, and why that’s important. Introducing ways to support the effort for a cleaner environment.

03. Youth Design Their Learning

Learning how to ask questions leads to improved learning outcomes, greater classroom engagement, and more ownership of the learning process. With QFT in their toolkit youth will be unstoppable in their education.

04. There Are No Fees

We supply the bike, the gear, the transportation. The youth supply the drive and determination.