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& Community

There's family and then there's family you choose.

Thank you for choosing the youth of Triangle Bikeworks as part of your family. We're glad that you're a part of our family.

We share in the desire for their success. Your attention, along with your In-kind and financial gifts, ensure to an even greater degree their success in achieving the goals they set for themselves.

Last Sunday was full of more joy than any other race day before!

Quaker Lake in Climax, NC was the closest race venue yet to our beloved offices and HQ of Carrboro. Even better was that it was only 22 minutes from my home in Snow Camp.

With the proximity of the races, we decided to have the team camp out in my backyard. This made the weekend so much easier.

We set the tents Saturday morning and returned late afternoon for dinner. Being able to prep food inside an actual kitchen was the proverbial cherry on top.

The team had a good time with my dogs and even played a few rounds of Jenga! before going to bed.

You are an extension of this brought together family. Akin to aunts, uncles, and cousins. Thank you for being a support structure that is the safety net for all they do.

We're in this together. And everything we do, you make possible.

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A TYMBR Wolves Family Day at the Races

A Great Race Weekend

Last weekend in Climax, NC, the TYMBR Wolves used the occasion of venue proximity to hold a good 'ole family potluck lunch.

The wolf pack's immediate family members (can I call them that?) were finally able to see the team race April 23rd. The Quaker Lake venue was our closest race yet, and we took full advantage of it.

There were deserts and great home cooked food ready for the team after their hard rides on the course.

Parents and grandparents got to see them give their all and walk away smiling.

Check out a few photos from the family race weekend.

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We're asking you, a special type of person that changes lives, lifts people up, and makes the world a better place ...

Why Do I Give To Triangle Bikeworks?

"I believe in their goals"

"I am able to help"

[Because] "Kevin asked."

Fred Black

  • One of our goals is to strengthen youth--physically, socially, emotionally, and academically.
  • People like Fred help because we only have what we give.
  • And with that, you will know who truly loves you when you ask them to do an unconventional favor.
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Youth Spotlight

Growing To Work Hard


I came to know Triangle Bikeworks through my mother who was looking for things [for me] to do. It was a nice shift of pace. I like the people in Triangle Bikeworks and the experience from it, like the summer tour and the grind to keep pushing forward.

During [my time with] Triangle Bikeworks I learned that I am really motivated to do something while [,at the same time,] being extremely lazy and will try to postpone other things.

I have grown to work hard and last longer through what ever conditions I have to deal with. 

Training Rides

Tour of Durham

Browns Creek - First Race Campsite

Proud Dad

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Spoke'n Revolutions Excursions

Touring the Triangle Region of North Carolina

The Spring Excursions enables youth to travel the great state of North Carolina by bike.

For two years the education of our youth has been in suspended animation. With remote learning lessons hastily put together in the panic of the pandemic, deeper, more meaningful learning experiences are still elusive as schools seek to regain normalcy. And it will be some time before things recover.

The Spring Excursions take youth outdoors and bring them into a joyful community to deepen the connectedness that has been missing. When they make their way 30 miles north to Horton Grove they'll engage in the history of North Carolina. When they make their way 46 miles east they'll rest in the quietude of Williamson Preserve and appreciate the need for preserving the land that contributes to the beauty and flourishing of North Carolina.

Triangle Bikeworks fills the gaps through experiential learning. Instead of remote learning and excess screen time youth have deeper learning through experiences. Instead of isolation and loneliness they're with community.

This pen because of you. We use your donation to bring this incredible journey to life. Just the biking alone is transformational!

For many of the youth, the opportunity for adventure is unprecedented!! Adding along the way, youth learn Untold History and environmental topics specific to NC.

We have 32 youth joining us this season but you only need to make an impact with one. You're the key to a successful season when you make a contribution that will transform how they see themselves and the world around them. Soon we'll wrap up our Spring Fundraising Campaign in support of them.

Can we count on you involved to make a difference in the lives of these fantastic youth?

Here's a suggestion: When you think to make a one time donation of $50, Join our Circle of Friends instead with a sustaining contribution of $5 per month.






Your contribution opens a world of opportunity for adventure and discovery.

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Princeville Homecoming

Black Farm Tour

Registration is open for the Princeville Homecoming Black Farm Tour.

The Princeville Homecoming Black Farm Tour is a Triangle Bikeworks fundraising and community event that offers an opportunity to ride differently with a purpose.

We're continually adding opportunities for an enjoyable and memorable weekend experience for both cyclists and non-cyclists. You don't want to miss this festive weekend in August. Just to name a few of the events planned for you:

  • Farm to Table supper
  • Kayaking
  • Business of Farming workshop
  • Horse Riding
  • Sunday Brunch

This is more than a bike ride. You can do that anywhere. Come celebrate the culture and beauty of eastern North Carolina!

Help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Buck Leonard’s induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame with a guided tour of his historic home museum and an old-fashioned back-yard fish fry!

Right out back, you’re in for a treat with tantalizing back yard culinary experience where fish is fried from a wash pot reminiscent of the ‘Old Days here in the South.

Dine on fried fish served with sweet corn on the cob, herb red potatoes, hush puppies, Southern-style coleslaw, and all the tea and lemonade you can drink!

Sample our Carolina Catfish Tacos, while our DJ spins the R&B beats.

Sign up for the Black Farm Tour and ride different.

Volunteer Opportunities