East Durham Cycling Center

We would like to foster a vibrant cycling community that moves beyond age, background, and financial constraints. By breaking down barriers associated with cycling, we aim to create lasting positive impacts on health, community, and well-being.



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The 'Earn' program is a fantastic opportunity for youth to gain a sense of ownership and responsibility. With just six hours of dedication, participants can earn their very own bike, learning the value of commitment and hard work.



The 'Learn' aspect of the program is equally enriching, as it equips the participants with a bunch of skills by the end of those six hours: Bike maintenance, Bike safety, and Bike repair.



Community rides are a hub of engagement and excitement. These rides are a great opportunity for participants to meet neighbors and fellow cycling enthusiasts, share experiences, and foster a sense of community. It's a leisurely ride event designed to bring people together.

EDCC's Vision

A Vibrant Vision: We want you to imagine with us a neighborhood brimming with vitality, where bicycles are not just for travel but are instruments of transformation.

A place where history and hope converge, empowering the community to shape its destiny.

Overcoming Economic Hurdles: We know the economic challenges that restrict cycling access, and we are dedicated to removing them. Through cost-effective solutions, we enable both young scholars and their guardians to consider biking as a practical commuting option.

Enriching Education

Empowerment stems from knowledge. The East Durham Cycle Center is proud to offer comprehensive educational initiatives that go beyond mere cycling:

Bicycle Safety

Master the traffic laws, signaling methods, and defensive cycling strategies.

Navigation Skills

Learn to chart your course, interpret maps, and navigate the urban landscape on your bicycle.

Bicycle Mechanics

Familiarize yourself with the inner workings of bicycles, from gear mechanics to brake systems, and build confidence in performing routine upkeep.

Positioned at the edge of the parking area, our open-air educational space is a hub for learning and community engagement. Here, families can discover a range of programs provided by the East Durham Cycle Center and Triangle Bikeworks, turning an underused area into a focal point for community interaction.

Outdoor Learning Hub

Positioned at the edge of the parking area, our open-air educational space is a nexus for learning and community engagement. Here, families can discover a range of programs provided by the East Durham Cycle Center and Triangle Bikeworks. We aim to be a focal point for community outdoor interaction.

Building Community and Biking at the Same Time

Earning A Bike

Here are the steps to earn a bike through volunteering and education at the East Durham Cycle Center:

Choose Your Path

Decide how you want to contribute. Each path offers unique learning experiences.

  1. Cycle Mechanic
  2. Group Riding Participant
  3. Cycling Education.

Volunteer Commitment:

Dedicate 6 hours of your time to volunteering at the center. Your commitment will directly impact your progress toward earning a bike.

Track Your Progress

  • Keep a record of your volunteer hours, educational sessions attended, and rides participated in.
  • Once you reach the 6-hour milestone, you’re eligible to receive your very own bike!

Cycle Mechanic Path:

If you’re interested in mechanics, work alongside experienced technicians: 

  • Learn Basics: Familiarize yourself with bicycle components, tools, and repair techniques.
  • Hands-On Experience: Assist with bike repairs, maintenance, and safety checks.
  • Earn Hours: For every hour spent working on bikes, you accumulate credit toward your own bike.

Group Riding Participant Path:

Join our group rides and contribute to the cycling community: 

  • Ride Regularly: Attend group rides, explore local trails, and build camaraderie.
  • Promote Safety: Encourage safe riding practices among fellow cyclists.
  • Track Hours: Log your riding hours—it all counts toward your goal.

Cycle Education Path:

Dive into educational sessions: 

  • Safety Workshops: Attend workshops on road safety, signaling, and defensive riding.
  • Navigation Skills: Learn how to plan routes, read maps, and explore the city.
  • Bike Basics: Understand bike anatomy, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Available Times

2:00 PM

We intentionally align our availability with school dismissal times. Whether you’re a walker or a passenger, drop by to learn about our programs.

2:15 PM

Elementary Level: Parents and students receive an overview of the program, emphasizing the benefits of cycling.

3:00 PM

Middle School: Middle school students, dismissed at three o’clock, can engage in basic cycling education.

4:00 PM

While the mechanical aspect of cycling — repairs, adjustments, and fine-tuning— waits until after 4 PM, the foundation of knowledge begins earlier.

Our philosophy is Minds-on before Hands-on.

Social rides

Social rides are organized regularly to foster community among cyclists.

Using 1 day a week to participate in an ever-growing group ride (growing in numbers and miles)

We've partnered with Rofhiwa Book Café to start and end our rides on Sunday mornings.

Training rides

Training sessions are provided to enhance riding skills and safety awareness.

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